The C of B

Hillary Povar, a network TV executive, has worked in communications, media relations, and PR with some of the top talent in Hollywood for well over a decade. Her lifelong enthusiasm, er obsession, for celebrating style and finding beauty helped elect her to the post of “Commissioner of Beautification” in high school—a title that has transcended time and still describes her passion to this day. She is an unabashed hunter of trends, a connoisseur of couture, and a gal who relates to many. She has yet to own a Chanel bag or figure out how to dress seasonally appropriate or master a layered look without sweating — but that’s the charm of Hillary. She’s a fashion and lifestyle expert who understands that style isn’t a size but a state of mind — and if you feel good from the inside out, the ripple effect into the world is powerful and empowering. Hillary lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Dirk, who is also a writer and a lawyer.

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”
 – Rumi