Test Driving — Trends to Try

Trends are like boys — some are great and keepers, others are annoying and you avoid them altogether (or you regrettably give them the benefit of the doubt, ew). So while style dating, trying out what works for you, some things to consider…

Trends keep the fashion ecosystem in place so they’re necessary even if challenging to keep up with.

Every season several trends appear but only few really break through the clutter and  stand the test of time being relevant season over season–so they seem a less risky investment.

The ones you notice coming back year over year (i.e velvet) are the ones worth really “buying” into versus ones that are  a one hit wonder (spend less than $50 to give a try but don’t go cray).

Currently, here are the ones I’m loving that dare I say will become life staples for me.

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Crochet and fringe — long live this boho cool vibe that also can be done up real classy too (colored slacks, think red or pink and a tank under the top).

Sneakers are having such a major moment — but a classic clean crisp white pair is a must own, now and forever.

Cuts out are all the rage. I love this sweater because it’s unexpected.


A great bodysuit seems to be more a staple then a trend. This one is sexy yet classy.


Joggers are a must own. They’re exceptional weekend wear but can also be paired with a heel and a blazer.

I know you’re thinking fortune teller but in a very realistic wear-this-on-a-Thursday-night way.


Long live the ear cuff. It lets you stack earrings and mix and match.

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