Style Bible — Mixing, Matching, and Essential Thoughts on Outfit Building

That which opposes isn’t meant to be in opposition, rather it is a dance to which you need to find the rhythm.  Style is harmony and a constant search. A game of tag where you’re always IT.  It’s a scavenger hunt to find pieces who are meant to co-habitat on your body even though they might live in different time zones (aka different stores but heck even different states — the internet has made shit real cool and accessible).

I’ve lived long enough to tell you opposites will always attract and that is the simple science of style. There are some other truths that will help E=MC2 (or whatever is the mathematical equivalent for solving fashion). Leopard is a neutral. Plaid goes with almost anything. Color is your friend (red and orange were college roommates basically). Black boots are essential to life. High-waisted jeans are your favorite song on repeat that you’ll never get sick of. Leggings aren’t a mom thing, rather they’re a human thing which will solve any style crisis — existential or other. I swear, pinky swear, that pinky rings will be a forever thing.

So, now that you have the required curriculum, we can get into your core — into your major.

  • Target and Barneys can live together harmoniously — It’s not like your divorced parents at your wedding sitting on opposite side of the aisle — in fact, it’s much more peaceful and natural. Expensive break the bank items pair perfectly with your favorite sweater from high school or your two dollar tee shirt from the drug store. In fact, it’s this idea and mix that keeps things interesting.
  • Make Fresh Styling Choices — Dopplegangers are everywhere. We all buy the same fashion forward yet budget friendly pieces from Zara and Topshop and H&M. It is unavoidable. And, it allows the ecosystem of trendy to exist. So, in order not to walk around looking like everyone else, it is essential to STYLE your pieces. A couple things to consider…
    • Make your pieces look different by MAKING THEM LOOK DIFFERENT. It is that simple.
    • Just bought a cool collared shirt, throw a ripped tee over it.
    • Newly purchased off-the-shoulder maxi, add a belt and a denim vest.
  • Layered Dip — It is not just a delicious side, it is a way of dressing. Layers are your friend and they make something that is mundane and whatever and elevates it to something interesting and worth looking at. Even something as delicate as an interesting bra that sits above your shirt will do the trick. Don’t be afraid to layer when it comes to jewelry as well. Double chain. Double watches. Triple rings. It isn’t more that is better, it is more that is interesting and exciting.

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  1. I’m literally going to copy the maxi/belt/vest and collared/ripped tee combo ideas verbatim. More pls!<3