Secrets to Shopping Sale

This is not a test. The top you’ve been stalking from winter to spring has finally been realized. It has reached its life span and is ready to make its voyage home to your closet. Victory is so close, yet, so far. Cluttered sales floors, lack of stock and just a general overflow of people could be the difference between success and failure. As a friend, who wants what you want for yourself, here are some survival tips that could ET Phone Home said clothing items into your possession.



Fall in love early — It’s not foolish. Let yourself fall fast and early for whatever you love. There will come a day when your beloved is not $900, I promise. So, add that little babe to your shopping cart the moment your eyes meet. In fact, load your cart with all the things you desire that might be out of grasp. Keep them in your cart and check back. Eventually, when sale hits, you are ready to move fast and furious.

Meet in person — Like many a love affair these days digital is dope, but, to know if it will be worth committing, you gotta meet in person. The same goes for clothes. And, to strike effectively, you don’t have the luxury of trying on at home and sending back (avoid the tragedy of your size being sold out). So, once you complete the task of loading your cart online — go in person and try on all the items. Find out during full price slow days what size is best, etc.

Beggars can’t be choosers — Sometimes, not always, but if the price is right and the moon is full, you make accommodations. Now, obviously this isn’t ideal — but a size too big in shoes can be fixed. You’ll live if a top is a smidge small. You find a way to make it work. And that’s okay and can honestly be key. Like a yogi, the more flexible you can be the better (this is not to say you should purchase something JUST because it is on sale. But if the item is special and can be maneuvered, be willing to make a sacrifice.)

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