Outfitted Originally — Styling Suggestions

Sisters are like human barbies. Sometimes you play with them lovingly. Other times you want to rip their heads off or see if they melt in the microwave, right? You basically get access to another life to live vicariously. This is true of my own sister.

The other truth that any sibling out there can identify with is a sibling means double the wardrobe. Now, it will be war and you might lose the will to live in the pursuit of said shared wardrobe but it is the dream, the goal and the main reason why having a sibling is grand (okay maybe not the main, but an important one none the less).


My sister is hitting some of fall’s biggest trends — off the shoulder, statement hat, and black boots. It’s a really great transition look that can go from both day to night and fall to winter. Other trends to take note — white accessories (backpack here but white boots this 2017 into 2018 are everything), a black dress finished with a colorful topper,and thigh high boots are here to stay.

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  1. This is so cute! I love that you play dress up with your sister and have a love of fashion together.