New Year, Same You — Simple Styling Suggestions to be Your Best

We’re friend ish, so let’s agree that we want to be our best all the time. I mean, it’s true. Self improvement and such is a year round quest. We’re always striving to be our best, investing in ways to be health minded and better versions of ourselves.  And sure there is something lovely and refreshing about starting a new, a clean slate of sorts — but it’s a little phony — like tofu, delicious but at the end of the day a substitute — a little fake.

So, ain’t nothing wrong with a little fake, but let me be frank and suggest you some styling fixes that will inspire you now and the rest of the year through. Putting your most fabulous foot forward 365.

Accessories are like condiments — the best part of the outfit. What’s a french fry without a dip? Nothing. Not worth it. So when building an outfit, think of accessories as not toppers, but essential pieces of said ensemble.

Unexpected color clashing is like a good run — you’re in it for long haul, so pace yourself. Maybe start with some red/pink and then eventually graduate to something more bold — think blue/orange.

Monochromatic is a solid way of dressing and it works with colors and prints alike. It’s like a good latte — always ideal and appreciated.

Embellishments are like fire works — the best part is the after sparkle. Same for properly adorned clothing. A shimmer of sequin, a well placed pearl, that after effect is everything.

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