On Love and Confidence and What Style Has to Do With It

The secret to life and living life right is that there is no secret and living life right [happy] will only come with time and mistakes made and one foot in front of the other — small and steady but consistent and constant. She, confidence, is a fickle nemesis. Sometimes she’s cool, but other times, she’s a witch, green and menacing, and if you never spoke to her again it would be too soon.

What I’ve learned of confidence is that the best way to boost your ego and create a vibe that everyone can part take in (and that’s long lasting) — is to pay it forward. Like karma, it comes around, and making others feel good about themselves will in turn elevate your own being — and the good the way — from the inside out.

Now, what do good vibes, feeling high on yourself, and upping those around you, have to do with clothes, nay, style?

Well my friends, true blue friends, it has everything and nothing to do with style and fashion. Do I sound like my own crazy bunny out of Alice and Wonderland, tripping on tea laced with acid? What I mean to say is style is like a balloon — the more you give it, the higher it flies.

And, what has been true for my self, my most honest self, is that the better I feel, the more pride I take in the things I adorn myself with. But also, reversely, when I feel down and like the last pick for dodge ball, if I fake it and indulge my body with items that make me feel good, it changes me from outside in.

Now the root of all this feeling stuff is love. Finding it from within and allowing it to permeate all areas of your life. Find people who give it freely, like samples at Costco. Find people who just dole it without hesitation or reservation.

That’s truly stylish 🙂



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