Hun. Nay. — Moon with my Hubs

For as cool and cultured as I am (lol) — I’m not traveled. NYC and back 20 plus times. Sure. Chi town. Obviously. But the majority of my adult life has been spent working sans [many] vacations (all the pretty things don’t pay for themselves). So, when I got married, it was the opportunity I always needed to be a jet-setter.

Or so I thought. But, the reality of life set in. It’s hard to take time off. Budgets aren’t just buzzwords created by financial reporters but things newly married people actually need follow. And, I’m a free spirit, but I’m also high strung.

So, almost two years later we mustered up the money, the energy, and the emergency z-packs to take our honeymoon. Now, let me tell you, the only reason I continued to call it a honeymoon was in the hope that it would acquire me free things. Upgrades. Champagne. Plates with chocolate writing along with dessert. Ya, know, the stuff people in love get to enjoy because who doesn’t love LOVE.

Needless to say it was incredible. And every cliche realized. But, let me cut to the chase. THE OUTFITS. Comfort be damned my vacation-moon was essentially a fashion show I starred in and every outing a walk down the runway.

The top three things to consider, that worked for me…

You’re going to repeat outfits. There are no two ways about it (and honestly if you don’t, we likely can’t be friends). So, pack pieces that you can layer. Think turtleneck under a dress. Long sleeves under tank tops. Stuff that might look different for the sake of your photos (also never underestimate the transformative power of an accessory).

You’re going to walk. A lot. Anything other than sneakers are truly a death wish. So, bite the bullet and purchase cute ones. I got a lavender pair that saved my feet and my look. Also, on the subject of practicality, travel light. I purposely brought a tini purse so that I would be forced to only carry the essentials!

Bring hearty pieces that can withstand weather or stains. Sweaters. Patterned shirts. Items that can handle long wears and be resilient.



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