Happy Home — Interior Picks to Brighten Your Mood

You are the company you keep. And yes, generally, this is to mean your friends, but I’m talking about your stuff. Your couch. The lamp. The shades. The vintage tray you found at a swap meet. The painting your dad used to keep in his study. Your things. The belongings you have acquired, which, by accident or on purpose, tell a story of who you are and reflect back the way in which you see yourself.

It’s not like I talk to my pineapple ice bucket (which, no judgement if you do, I’ve been known to believe my clothes have feelings) or anything, but when I’m sitting alone, in my living room, that indeed is my company and whether you are aware or not, the items you buy, that fill your space, affect who you are and how you feel.

With this psychology as a foundation, I’ve rounded up several pieces that are sure to swing you up and cuddle you with the happiness of 100 puppies.

Sit pretty in pink (the cool kids call it millennial pink). Whatever shade this piece is light and lovely.


Tell me you don’t smile looking at this tapestry? It’s so happy and cool and the perfect piece to hang in a hurry.






Oh time, you are fickle and move fast — but if we’re gonna enjoy you — why not start with a super interesting clock in an ombre that pastel dreams are made of.


Comfy and cozy and snug as a bug in a rug. One part grandma, one part chic, this pillow weaves together all the best feelings in one plush piece.





You could feel like an evil sorcerer who is choosing to use their powers for good. Whatever spells you cast be sure to infuse them with kindness.

Polka around. There’s so much to see. Let the color guide your way.


Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve — hang it on the wall!


They don’t call it happy hour for no reason! Wheel out this rose gold puppy and cheers!

You’re on a tropical island in your living room. Does it get much better than that?

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