Hair I Am — A Guide For Managing That Mane

Cousin IT is my homie. Think of me as a human willow tree. Just hair. So much of it. On my head. Spilling over into life. I mean literally spilling over. Hair in coffee, in wine, in clothes. I’ve left a gingerbread trail of locks in Los Angeles.

Now, I’ve spent a life time living under a blanket of hair and while it’s a blessing for sure — my hair is my super hero cape and without it I’d be nothing — I’ve still had to spend much time and money figuring out just how to finesse my flair.



Now, in no particular order are some must have products (at least for me). I will say that everyday is different. Some mornings I’ll use all the free products I’ve collected from hotels. Other days I take more care and indulge. Overall I think oils are awesome. Oribe is a total go-to and like a cure all for any off day. And hair perfume is such an indulgence but honestly, worth it.

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