YOU. GUYS. — Finally Earrings Have Their Moment


It’s like growing up in a house full of siblings. And you’re the youngest. You spend your life being ignored. Slowly but surely everyone leaves. And then you’re left. And alone. And the only child. And you ARE A STAR. The center of attention. All anyone cares about.

That’s the moment earrings are having. They’ve always played second fiddle to necklaces and bracelets and even rings. But now, they’re basically an only child and get to rule the roost.

So, don’t be afraid to play favorites and if you have to pick an accessory, this season turn your attention to your ears.

The options are glorious and radical. They’re a parade and I’m staked out THE MOST EARLY to get a front row seat (think the girl with the sleeping bag at Best Buy on Black Friday). I’ve also brought the confetti. That’s how excited I am.

It’s just magic and instead of rabbits out of hats — better than bunnies, my picks below, click to shop…

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