Floating in Style

Summer is all about comfort. Messy hair. Ripped jeans. Tee shirts. Lazy hazy days of Summer. It is where you forget your worries and let all that is bad float away and let the freedom of late nights and cool drinks wash over you like you are a kid again. Just like style, Summer is a state of mind. So, we are getting in your head to reveal what your choice in pool float says about you.

Swan — You are elegant. Maybe even regal. But you are also uptight and maybe even a bit old-school. But that’s okay, who said classic is bad.

Donut — You like to live. You’re the first to cut into a cake and the last to leave a party. Sometimes you have an issue with boundaries but then again no one likes lines!

Cactus — You can look but don’t you touch! You’re a bit of a tease and like to pull people close but then often times push them slowly away. But what you lack in interpersonal skills you make up for with your inviting looks!

Pineapple — Some may call you an introvert but that might be because they don’t know you well. You have a hard exterior but once you warm up, you are super sweet and lovely.

Avocado — Even though you think of yourself as daring you are actually quite calculated and particular. You enjoy risk taking but with a very comfy cushion to break any accidental fall.

Unicorn — You march to the beat of your own drum and sometimes you march when there’s no music at all. You, do you, always. It can be annoying for those who follow rules or like schedules, but ultimately you inspire people to break out and free.




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