Falling — a verb; the purchasing of autumnal pieces

I fall. A lot. Walking down the street. After work. On the way to the gym. Fall. All. The. Time. And yes, I mean purchase pieces seasonally appropriate for that window of time post-summer pre-winter. If you’re like me. You can’t help yourself. Autumn is an eternal state of mind for some. Plus, fashion is really at its most woke when it can show off. Sweaters. Pants. Boots. Fall is like a peacock in all it’s glory. Just strutting.

I’ve rounded up my favorite new born babies (fresh pieces). And forecasting (no weather, just trends) what will be flashy and full this season. The cliff notes is that shapeless parachute clothing is a go, cut outs continue to reign supreme, pom poms are never leaving, and forget pattern clashing it’s all about material mixing (silk and cotton, denim and leather).

In no particular order, let the lusting begin:

A sweater is key. This is obvious. But a sweater this weird yet wearable is a prodigy piece — think if Doogie Howser was a sweater.










I’ve got chills. Not the cold kind. The Grease kind because these leather slacks are giving me Sandy vibes in the most current way.


If the salsa dancer emoji was reincarnated, it would be in this pair of earrings. Statement or understated — you can go either with this budget friendly hero pair.



And, on the subject of red, my hats off. This head topper makes me want to re-imagine my life as a rock star turned talk show host.

A gal needs a great dress. A party dress. Who captures how she feels and who she is. This lady is a hippie at heart who never shys away from a glam moment.


The pearly gates are indeed the entry point to heaven, because I could literally die over this pair of perfectly jeweled boots.

The apple of your eye should really be sweet as cherry pie. And it can be when wearing this necklace.


Who doesn’t want to be the girl in the band? But if you can’t sing you can totally be a band-aid, but only if you meet the requirements (which is to own this jacket).


Don’t ride the clutch. Rather, hold on tight to it.


Give me an “A” and three cheers for this sweater perfectly navy and pom pom-riffic.


Tights are like the perfect embrace. Squeeze you tight but let you breathe. Think of  these leg lovers dream like a hug from your quirky aunt from Maine.



Wrap yourself like the present you are and gift to your being this skirt. You deserve all the nautical vibes in what I dare to say is an essential transition piece.


Fringe benefits galore in this printed gem colored scarf that would be the tits with a white tee and even more footloose and fancy free  as a wrap (with a black evening gown).






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