Face Yourself — Hero Products for Your Punim

Putting your best foot forward starts with your face (if we’re talking external appearance). And for many, best face forward can mean many a thing. A perfect red lip. Mascara for days. No make up. Amazing moisturizer. Stellar lip balm. Highlighter for a steep cheekbone. It’s wide, like the Grand Canyon, in it’s range. Different strokes for different folks.

I’ll also say, there are some days you feel like a model who’s missed her calling as fashion’s top face and other days when you wonder how it is possible you’ve lived so long looking like this. At least for me this spandex stretch of emotion runs the spectrum. But, to keep a happy medium of sorts and keep a steady pace of, hey I’m pretty cute, a little glam goes a long way.

Whatever your your version of best face is, I have some essential products that are the foundation of an awesome routine and also can serve as a ready made look.

Sounds like a day at the beach and anything that has a summer vibe has my vote. Not to mention, this is an all day everyday product, which I love. I’m also excited to try some more of their line which I’ve heard crazy good things about.

So, a couple years back someone sent me this and I fell hard in love. This product is my go to for actually everything. Chapped lips. Check. Random high cheek glow. Yep. Hands. Face. Actually everything.

A good powder is like a great gal pal. They got your back always. I adore this one because it doesn’t even need a base. No foundation. No problem. I dust this bad boy whatever the case.

Highlighter is having a major moment and there are no shortage of options. But this one is super easy application. Doesn’t dry out. And is perfect over lips and touch on eye lids.

Smell for me is probably one of the most important things. And while this isn’t your face — fragrance can make a huge difference in how and you feel and this one is magic.

Duality is the life and this palette embraces that. Need a little bronze. Cool. A little rosy cheek. You’re set.

A bold lip is singing in your car. It feels so good and when someone catches you, it makes their day too. And I’m obsessed with this packaging and how perfect the application ends up being.

I’m a new born when it comes to brow gel. Which is surprising since my face is like 40% eyebrow. Clear is a safe starter and you will quickly see how awesome and very essential this product is.

Everyone has a mascara they swear by and they’re all equally amazing. This is my go to and it doesn’t hurt that it’s gold.

Like a Wes Anderson film this product has a cult following. It’s equal parts lovely smelling and lovely feeling.


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