Denim Is Your Friend — She’s Just A Fussy B Sometimes

Friends are the fabric of life. They’re amazing and life affirming and lift you up. The same can be true of denim. But, just like when a friend can become fickle or fussy — so too can jeans.

My personal journey with jeans has been a lot like pledging a sorority. There’s been some hazing. Forced to wear trends that I knew didn’t flatter my figure. Or peer pressured into purchasing  trendy pieces that I knew were expensive, not just monetarily, but expensive for the self identity I so quickly and cheaply threw away. And then, as rebellion to that time, there were the lost years where I avoided jeans altogether. One too many emotional hangovers developed me an intolerance to this American tradition. I had to pay, and honestly, overpay my dues to find out that I didn’t fit in. And that what was the freedom I needed to find denim that worked for me.

Here’s what I learned:

Find a brand you love, but know in advance that all cuts and washes will fit different.

Who cares what size you wear. This is an internal war but it is, cross my heart and hope to die, the truest truth. Buy what fits and forget the rest. Rip the tag out if you need. Take solace in how great your ass looks.

When you find a perfect pair (which know now will take A WHILE) don’t be scared to invest. Buy two pairs. Buy them in different colors. Even rip them yourself perhaps. Treat that denim like your MOH — they’ll do everything for you and you won’t survive without them.

Here are the pairs and brands I’m loving right now:

FRAME – This brand scared me at first and the gal who suggested them was a literal human asparagus. But thank god I listened to her and tried these. They were amazing and a like a great first date you almost didn’t go on.

DL1961 – This brand was the first time I realized I could wear jeans and still be myself (a gypsy who likes fancy stuff).

J Brand – I used to think jeans weren’t meant for all bodies. That just like good genes, you either have it or you don’t have it (the ability to wear jeans). And perhaps, like the hatred or love of cilantro that is predetermined, so too is the jean gene. It isn’t. And as defense to that unfounded theory, I present you these.


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